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Employment Law is constantly evolving and changing. So at DFR Solicitors we offer a comprehensive service for both businesses and individuals for all aspects of Employment Law, making dispute resolution more clear and more simple.

As empoloyment law solicitors, we provide expert advice and support in areas such as:

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Employment Law for Businesses

In 2012-2013 the total number of claims accepted by Employment Tribunals reached 191,541. That's 191,541 claims that could have been prevented with more effective management of their liability.

At DFR Solicitors we offer a consultancy service to help manage your liability and prevent Employment Tribunals. Covering all aspects of employment, from recruitment to dismissal, we will give you peace of mind that your company is following the correct procedures, ensuring your employees are get the rights they are entitled to.

Our experience solicitors will also work with you to manage your response to enforcement actions, cautions and prosecutions, ensuring you are represented professionally and effectively.

Employment Law for Individuals

As an individual your rights are supported by Employment Law. So if you think your rights have been infringed and you want to take a case to an employment tribunal, we can give you the impartial support and advice you need.

Our experienced team will provide confidential and honest advice on your individual circumstances. We will make the process simple and clear, so we can represent and to get the best possible solution to your grievance.

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