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Common Personal Injury Misconceptions

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We often encounter misconceptions about personal injury claims, and some of these misconceptions can deter people from picking up the phone and getting in touch. The truth is, there is often a lot of negative press about the so called compensation culture and this can cause people to feel reluctant to claim and stop genuine victims receiving the compensation that they deserve.

Here we dispel three of the biggest myths surrounding personal injury compensation.

1. Money for Nothing

Personal injury claims occur so frequently that they are often portrayed as frivolous. However, the amount of money paid out annually for personal injury has not changed for almost 25 years. This is because those in the legal profession are always assessing and selecting cases which are feasible and dismissing those which are not.

Many see compensation as an easy way of making money, however unless you have a genuine cause to claim, the reality is you will not be successful.

2. Complex and Time Consuming

Compensation cases run for months and months right? Including trips to court to provide evidence? This is not true. The majority of cases are wrapped up in less than a year, with only a small percentage of all cases actually making it to court. If you have a genuine claim for personal injury, then the process is relatively straight forward, and if you have a good solicitor your part in the procedure could be limited to filling out a few forms.

We have also claimants concerned that they will not be able to receive treatment for their injury until their case is complete. This is also not necessarily true. Once liabilities have been established, you are usually able to proceed with the treatment you need to recover.

3. The Law Favours Big Organisations

It may seem surprising, but the public are extremely well protected by UK law, and there are many rules and regulations that dictate standards. Health and safety is a priority, with organisations striving to meet these criteria. The regulations in place are there to protect both the public and organisations.

If a personal injury occurs in the workplace and a claim is made, there are also laws which protect the individual from discrimination. Employers are not able to dismiss someone as a result of a personal injury claim against the company.

Still Have Questions?

Even when equipped with all the facts, making a personal injury claim can still feel daunting. For some free advice, with no obligation, feel free to give our friendly team a call on 01484 437 400.