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Speeding Fines

Speeding is by far the most common driving offence on UK roads, with a number of methods available to the police for catching drivers who have gone over the limit. The penalties for being caught can vary considerably, and if you wish to contest a charge or avoid a driving ban, our motor lawyers are experts in overturning disqualifications in Manchester, Cheshire, Sheffield, Rotherham, Doncaster, Barnsley, Leeds, Huddersfield and Bradford.

The speed limit is the absolute maximum legal speed, but although 31mph in a 30mph zone is illegal, speeding fines and penalty points are rarely awarded until drivers go over that limit by at least 10%. In such a case, a fixed penalty notice will probably be issued, which brings with it 3 points on your driving licence and a £100 fine.

But if you do not accept the fixed penalty notice, or if your speed was sufficiently high (close to 50% or 30mph above the speed limit), you could be facing a fine of up to £2,500 – or £1000 on roads other than motorways – 6 points on your licence, and an instant driving ban of, in serious cases, up to 120 days.

Speeding offences are normally registered via speed cameras that flash as they catch you, but motorists can also be caught with cameras set up to record average speed over a certain distance; speed camera vans that are parked at the side of the road; speed guns; speed traps, which are the pairs of strips that are laid across the road; and by systems built into police cars that record your speed as they follow you. On motorways, however, the judgement of a police officer is sufficient, with no further evidence required to issue a fixed penalty notice or court summons.

If you have been accused of speeding and wish to take the case to court, you will need specialist assistance.

DFR Solicitors offer professional, experienced legal guidance throughout West Yorkshire, South Yorkshire, Manchester and Cheshire.

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  • I was charged with drink driving and my case looked hopeless. There was witness evidence and forensic evidence. From my first meeting with Abdul he reassured me that we could win the case. Abdul was fantastic and the end result is that I am a happy man as I have kept my driving licence and my job.  Scott McDonald.

  • I was initially somewhat sceptical about keeping my licence, I was stopped for Drink Driving and the costs were high, but the result was excellent, and the money was certainly well spent. I would not hesitate to use DFR again. Michael A.

  • I had never been in court previously, and the prospect was terrifying. I was stopped for Drink Driving, and was looking at a significant disqualification. The result in the circumstances was unbelievable, the solicitor was excellent in presenting my case and explaining the extenuating circumstances. I was overjoyed with the final result.