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Drink drive solicitors – what do they do for me?

The right drink drive solicitors can be all that stands between you and a mandatory 12-month driving ban, a fine, and potentially even community service or six months in prison.

But what exactly will a specialist drink driving lawyer do to try and defend you against these terrible outcomes?

Here are the key ways one of our drink drive experts will support you as we work towards getting you the best possible result from your case:

What do drive solicitors do for me?

1) Be a knowledgeable voice in your corner

If this is the first time that you or someone you know has come into contact with the criminal justice system, this can be a stressful and worrying time.

One of the most underrated functions that a lawyer provides is to be a supportive voice that answers your questions and responds to your concerns.

This happens more as a beneficial side-effect of us working on your case rather than being a discreet service.

Your lawyer will be able to help you by explaining things like:

  • Any legal concepts and how they affect you
  • What happens next in the normal court process in cases like yours
  • The options that are open to you and how you might start thinking about them

2) Assess your case and the evidence against you

Most people facing a drink driving charge are concerned about the possible defences they might offer and whether they should plead guilty or not guilty. We'll get to that. But the quality of the evidence against you is always the place to start.

This is because lawyers who specialise in drink driving cases – like DFR Solicitors – often find that it is the evidence (or lack of it – or problems in how it was gathered) that is often the best way to get your case dismissed before you even get to court.

Of course, this isn't the sort of thing it's really possible to do without legal expertise. Nor will you find many general lawyers (the kind who don't specialise in any particular field of law) or duty solicitors (the free kind that some courts have on call) who will explore this option for you.

However, we have found that we get excellent results simply by forcing the prosecution in your case to disclose the evidence against you. This can be costly (for them) and often reveals there are evidential holes we can point to, such as:

  • Malfunctioning analysis equipment such as an inaccurate breathalyser
  • Procedural errors in the way evidence was gathered or recorded
  • Mistakes in CPS processes or failures in their disclosure obligations

3) Guide you in whether to plead guilty or not guilty

Even if you are found over the legal alcohol limit, pleading guilty and trying to mitigate the sentence you receive is not always automatically the best decision for your future. Despite this, many duty solicitors and general practitioners may default to this idea.

With many years of experience successfully defending clients against this kind of motoring charge, we – and other specialist drink driving solicitors – can often advise as to other options open to you.

4) Start to plan your best possible defence

From start to finish, we suggest the best approach to achieve the best possible outcome for you.

This might mean trying to get your case dismissed before you even go to court. It might mean exploring possible defences relevant to the circumstances of your case – if your drink was spiked or you had a drink after you stopped driving, for instance.

As a last resort, it may mean mitigating any sentence the court might want to hand out with a swift guilty plea. This is never the place we start though.

5) Represent you in court and the police station

The best plan in the event you are charged with almost any kind of offence is to secure expert legal representation as soon as possible. This is even more the case with something like drink driving, where your entire future could very well be on the line.

As your lawyer, we can represent you from the moment you are brought into police custody. We can suggest what to say and how to interact with the system safely and productively.

In court, only someone with proven public speaking skills and some idea of the legal system should even consider representing themselves. It's almost always a very bad idea. At least, unless you want to end up pretty swiftly banned from driving.

No matter the defence strategy you decide upon with our guidance, your defence always comes better from a professional representative than it does as a sob story from the mouth of the defendant.

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