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How To Choose Your Drink Driving Solicitor In Manchester

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Being charged with drink driving can be a stressful and worrying situation. Your best first step is to get expert representation. But how do you choose your drink driving solicitor in Manchester – a big city with a large number of local options?

If you are facing a huge list of online search results, here are some questions you can ask yourself to try and narrow it down:

Questions to ask yourself before you hire a drink driving solicitor

1) Do they come recommended?

The easiest place to start when choosing between drink driving solicitors is to ask family or friends if they (or anyone they know) have had a good result using one before.

You might also reach out to a solicitor who works in a different field of law who you have hired in the past. They might not be a good choice in this case, but they may also be familiar with local specialist motoring law firms who could help you.

Of course, there is something of a stigma attached to drink driving cases. This can make it feel a little uncomfortable to reach out to people you don't know well. If this does feel unapproachable, there are many other ways to get recommendations. Chiefly, online.

2) Do they have good reviews?

These days, Google reviews and other online rating sites are great replacements for traditional word-of-mouth recommendations.
If you search for a generic drink driving solicitor, the top results you are likely to be presented with are adverts (“Google Ads”).

These are paid-for adverts from big brands and nation-spanning solicitors.

Instead, try being geographically specific with your search – “drink driving solicitors Manchester”, for example. You may still get those ads, but below them – and usually on Google Maps – you'll then get some better local results.

You can then check each option's Google reviews, see how many they have and how good they are. This is only a first step though. You can't really get a good feel for a lawyer until you speak with them personally.

3) Do you get a good feeling when you speak to them?

There really is no substitute for speaking to a solicitor before you hire them. Many people simply find the top-reviewed option and go with it. Of course, this is probably the best place to start. However, it's always worth reaching out before you make your final decision.

Remember – these are professionals who you will be hiring to perform a service. Don't be afraid to ask them a whole bunch of questions. After you've spoken, you can reflect:

  • Did they respond to your call quickly and politely?
  • Did you get to speak to an actual lawyer in person?
  • Did they communicate clearly and well, without using legal jargon?
  • Did they answer all your questions without equivocating?
  • Did you get a good “vibe” from their knowledge and communication style?

This last point might sound a little wishy-washy. But you will need to feel that you can trust this person with a process that is going to have a large effect on your life moving forward. Establishing the basis for a good working relationship goes a long way.

4) Are they professionally qualified?

The minimum you will want to check is that they are accredited by the Law Society. This is the professional body that represents all solicitors in England and Wales. They may also have additional qualifications, but this is the key one.

5) How much are their solicitors' fees?

Most solicitors charge wildly different fees. These vary by their experience, the size of their firm, and the part of the country you're in.

Any solicitor should be willing to provide a clear quote for free without obliging you to use their services. If you get a good feeling from a lawyer when you speak to them, consider asking them for a quote.

You can then ask yourself:

  1. How does this compare to other quotes I've collected?
  2. What exactly am I getting for this price? (For example, does it cover court appearances?)
  3. If this service costs more than other options, is it going to give me more value?

How to choose your drink driving solicitor in Manchester

Armed with the answers to these questions, you should be able to make a much more informed decision when it comes to choosing your drink driving solicitor in Manchester – or anywhere else there is competition between specialist local firms.

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