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Man Went For Drinks - What Happened Next Will Shock You

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Ian parks up and meets Mark and Rob, who both arrived using public transport, at the Rose and Crown. They quickly find a table and Ian goes to the bar. He orders one large red wine for himself, a pint of Stella Artois for Mark and a Strongbow cider for Rob.


Mark goes to the bar this time, and makes the same order as Ian did. This time he also asks for some lightly salted crisps, which he shares with his friends. Good old Mark.


Rob's up. He orders the same for Ian and Mark but this time a lager top for himself. He doesn't get any crisps, but when he gets back to the table, suggests that after this round they go across the road for a chicken tikka masala. Or a lamb rogan josh. As Ian points out, this is a really good idea.


Ian and co take their seats at the Pradesh Spice and start enjoying some poppadoms while they wait for their main dishes. They also have a bottle of Kingfisher lager each as they continue chatting. They get some extra poppadoms.


Having enjoyed a perfectly pleasant evening together, the guys decide to call it a night and make they respective ways home. Mark and Rob head off to the bus stop; Ian walks back across the road and jumps in his car. He's back home soon after midnight.


Having knocked back his morning coffee, Rob leaves home to drive into work. He checks his phone while waiting in traffic and takes and extra peek a moment later while pulling away. The police spot this, pull him over for a brief chat and ticking off, and decide to give him a breath test. To Rob's surprise, he is still over the limit from the night before.

Rob could now receive a 12-month driving ban, have up to 11 penalty points on his driving licence, be given a four-figure fine and even a 6-month prison sentence.

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