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With the University terms beginning at the end of September, many foreign students who have applied to study in the UK will be looking to finalise their Visa applications. The UK government has warned students who turn to fast track Visa companies to be wary of the potential consequences that come with using illegitimate firms.

Fraudulent Companies

Many agents that promise a quick Visa application process are likely to be fraudulent. Some companies submit student applications with forged documents meaning that the application is rejected. Not only that, applicants who are caught submitting illegal documents will be blacklisted for ten years, meaning that they are unable to try again until that time has elapsed.

Students wishing to study in the UK should take note that it can take up to three weeks or 15 working days for a Visa to be fully processes. Any companies promising a shorter turnaround times should be avoided. In the past year, approximately 3,000 student Visa applications were submitted with forged documents from Pakistan alone, and were subsequently rejected.

Genuine Applicants Need Not Worry

Student applications have decreased in recent years as the UK laws on immigration have tightened, but encouragingly, the number of international students studying in the UK has risen, showing that genuine students have no cause for worry. The rules put in place are there to protect the country from people trying to gain access illegally, and if a student follows the correct procedures and goes through the correct channels they will be admitted entry.

The UK government has in fact relaxed measures for Malaysian students. Previously, Malaysian students were required to submit proof of financial maintenance and qualifications. Due to the lack of forged documents being submitted from Malaysians and the high approval rate however, the application process has now been simplified.

Time Pressure

The application process can be stressful due to the limited amount of time between receiving results and enrolling at a University. DFR Solicitors offers numerous immigration services, including student Visa applications. Take a look at a list of our services here. If you are unsure whether or not we can help you, don't hesitate to get in touch via email: or telephone: 01484 437 401