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Understanding What National Motoring Lawyers Do For You

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Understanding What National Motoring Lawyers Do For You

Disqualified from driving. Points on your license. A fine. Even prison time in the worst cases. National motoring lawyers are legal specialists whose job is to make sure you can properly defend yourself if you are accused of driving improperly.

If you want the best possible chance of avoiding the often harsh sentences for motoring and road traffic offences – to put your best defence forward and even work to have your case dismissed – specialist motoring lawyers are the ones who know how.

Here is everything you need to know about how a motoring solicitor can help you:

What Is A Motoring Solicitor?

A motoring solicitor or motoring lawyer handles cases relating to motoring and road traffic offences.

“Lawyer” is the term for any professional who can give legal advice. A solicitor can give advice and represent you in court. The terms “solicitor” and “lawyer” are usually used interchangeably.

The field this kind of legal expert works in encompasses a wide range of criminal and civil motoring offences, including everything from speeding to drink driving to driving without a license.

It is their job to understand everything about the law in these fields. This gives you access to the in-depth knowledge necessary to defend yourself in the most effective way.

What Offences Do National Motoring Lawyers Handle?

People start with a quick search for “national motoring lawyers near me” when they are faced when any of a wide range of motoring offences, including:

1) Speeding

Anything related to speeding offences and driving at excessive speeds. The goal will be to avoid disqualification and minimise points on your license.

This can sometimes be done by questioning the evidence against you or via other approaches that a layperson or even general practice solicitor might not be aware of.

2) Drink Driving, Drunk In Charge, And Drug Driving

Being found guilty of drink driving or drug driving will result in an automatic driving ban for at least twelve months. For egregious cases, repeat offenders, and when there are aggravating circumstances, this ban can be extended up to three years.

For most people, this would result in lost earnings, a big spend on public transport, and possibly a lost job too (if your job relies on your ability to commute by road).

Expert local and national motoring lawyers have the ability to ascertain the strength of the case against you, enabling them to:

  1. Force the Crown Prosecution Service to disclose the evidence against you (potentially revealing they don't have enough to convict).
  2. Draw attention to evidential or procedural failures that may result in your case being dropped before it gets to court.
  3. Minimise or mitigate any potential penalty if there is no other option other than to plead guilty.

3) Failure To Provide A Specimen

Most people don't realise that it is actually an offence to fail to provide a specimen of blood, breath, or urine when required to do so by the police – at least, that is, until they are required to do so and refuse.

A motoring solicitor will know all of the approaches it is possible to take to achieve – at the very least – the minimum possible penalty if you are found guilty and – at best – acquittal via any defences or “reasonable excuses” that might apply to your case.

4) Avoiding A Totting Up Ban (Or License Revocation)

When you accumulate a large number of points on your license, a “totting up ban” – being disqualified from driving for the sheer number of smaller offences committed – is something that should happen according to law.

A similar offence is possible if a new driver accumulates a certain number of penalty points within two years of getting their license.

However, with an experienced motoring lawyer on your side, neither of these is by any means guaranteed. It is quite possible that a legal specialist like this can prevent you from having to suffer a driving disqualification at all.

5) Careless Driving And Dangerous Driving

Careless and dangerous driving are serious offences. If you are accused of either, it is more important than almost any other offence listed here to seek expert legal representation as soon as possible. The priorities of any legal specialist in this kind of case will be to:

  • Secure a not guilty verdict for you
  • Guide and support you throughout the entire process of building a defence and plea
  • Minimise any potential penalty or sentence
  • Avoid that all-important custodial sentence
  • Aim to reduce dangerous driving to careless driving wherever possible

Find A Specialist Motoring Solicitor To Fight Your Corner

That's far from all of the offences that motoring lawyers cover, of course. Failure to stop. Driving with no insurance. Failure to report an accident.

Driving with no insurance. Mobile phone offences.

If it's a motoring or road traffic offence and you want to avoid a penalty or secure the minimum sentence possible, a specialist motoring solicitor is exactly what you need.

Let the motoring specialists at DFR Solicitors help you protect your license and your future. 

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