Drink Driving / Drug Driving Cases

Our solicitors acted for “V” in relation to a drink driving matter. The client had contacted us after been charged with drink driving. He mentioned that the officers had not really explained what had taken place and his rights. The client pleaded not guilty, we obtained a specialist report on his behalf, which demonstrated that the officers had not followed the correct procedure when taking a breath test. We made an application for the matter to be dismissed, on the day of the trial, the prosecution offered no evidence.

Our solicitors acted for “C” who was arrested and charged for drink driving offence. The client had attended a party and believed he was drinking 7 up, unbeknown to him, his friends were playing practical joke, and spiking his drinks. We arranged an experts report to be compiled and the court decided based on the evidence not impose the mandatory disqualification. The client was on the verge of losing his job, his home, and with our help, he managed to continue with his life.

Our Solicitors acted for “D” in relation to drink driving offence. The client suffered from anxiety and stress, and at the time of obtaining the breath sample the police had failed to ask him any questions, and did not give him the relevant warning. The matter proceeded to trail, and the client was found not guilty. Costs were awarded for the clients legal costs incurred.

Our solicitors acted for “S” in relation to drink driving matter. It was clear from outset that the client did not have a defence, but the client could not afford to lose his licence, as he would potentially lose everything. We prepared a special reasons argument based upon distance driven. During the hearing we were successful in demonstrating that the client had only moved his vehicle several yards, and that at the time of offence there was no real possibility of him coming in o contact with other road users, or embers of the public. The special reasons was successful and the client was not disqualified.