Totting Up / Exceptional Hardship Arguments Cases

Our solicitors acted for “N” he had accumulated 9 penalty points and a further 3 which he dis not wish to contest. He was a director of a high profile company, and loss of his licence would impact the business and his employees. We prepared a strategy plan with the client, and made a hardship argument to the court. The basis of the hardship would be the hardship caused to the business and other employee, who’s futures would be uncertain. We produced evidence and witness testimony. The court accepted the hardship argument and the client kept his driving licence.

Our solicitors acted for “T” Who had accumulated 12 penalty points. The client could not face the possibility of being disqualified, as he would no longer be able to cater for his elderly mother, who he was a carer for. We conducted a strategy plan and prepared a hardship argument to the court based upon hardship caused to the mother. We were successful, and the court decided not to impose a disqualification.

Our solicitors acted for “S” he was a professional driver, and was on the verge of losing licence. He was terrified that loss of licence would lead to loss of employment, loss of family home, and it would have a detrimental effect upon his family. We carried out detailed strategy plan, and presented a hardship argument to the court based upon loss of employment and the affect this would have upon his family. The hardship argument was successful, and the disaster was avoided, the client kept his driving licence.

Our solicitors acted for “F”, he had instructed us previously for a hardship argument which was successful. He was still within the 3 year period, and had accumulated further penalty points. We were able to discuss and strategize with the client. A further hardship argument was presented based upon change of circumstances, the client was now self-employed, and running a business. Loss of licence would cause his employees hardship. The court accepted the argument, and for second time, we assisted the client in keeping his licence.